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In a world where everything seems to be changing one thing has stayed the same –light trucks are still the #1 selling vehicle segment.

At Truck Talks we will discuss with industry leaders and shakers about how they are protecting this vital segment, what changes have been made to adapt to world affairs and what will be different in the near and long-term future of light trucks.  

2020 has proven to be the great disruptor of so many things - and trucks are not exempt.  The Market has new demands, the Supply Chain has been disrupted, Design changes have been made to the interior and exterior, there are new Utilization and Capacity loads.  Even product cadence has changed as a result of C-19.   It is an unbelievable time and the industry is responding quickly and protecting its most valued treasure – light trucks.  At Truck Talks you will hear from industry leaders, economists and financial experts on what has changed and what we can look forward to in the future of light trucks.

Truck Talks will be a three-part online webinar series brought to you by Automotive News in partnership with the Twin Cities Auto Show. Jason Stein, Publisher of Automotive News, will moderate the discussion and debate on the current and future market for pickup trucks nationally.


The call for speakers is open!

Drive Conversation. Educate. Advance the Industry


Ready to register?

Registration for all 3 parts of the series will be free to attend. More information about the sessions will be available very soon!

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